7 years ago today I got 7 amalgam fillings removed SAFELY!!  Amalgams are the grey-colored metal fillings and they contain mercury which constantly releases toxic vapor.  Yes, constantly.  Yes, even when it’s in your mouth.  Those things were in my mouth 30+ years, causing cellular inflammation and dysfunction.  My health has been constantly improving ever since I got those fillings removed!  That fall I had no allergy symptoms – for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!! – because my immune system was functioning better!  I did the correct heavy metals test after that and discovered I was high in lead and mercury and also my aluminum was off the chart.  My grandmother had Alzheimers, and aluminum is proven to contribute to that, so I was headed that direction.  Removing those toxins SAVED MY LIFE!!  Because what my grandmother experienced with Alzheimers was not LIFE.  PLUS, that experience changed the course of my life in another way – I went back to school to learn to be a health coach and cellular healing specialist.  Now I can help save other peoples’ lives, too, which is such an honor and privilege!  I am SO grateful to Pride Dental in Arlington, TX for removing my fillings SAFELY!  Getting mercury fillings removed incorrectly is VERY dangerous.  Very few dentists really do it safely.  Watch the smoking tooth video to learn more about mercury in amalgam fillings.