My Story

Tammy Stewart’s story about MTA

Our healing journey started when our kids were in elementary and high school. Our oldest son had gotten sick. Depression. The rest of us suffered with chronic fatigue, weight gain, moodiness. Our chiropractor was treating the whole family. Our progress was slow and even getting worse. Feeling bad was so usual for us, we didn’t know how sick we were. We didn’t know what true health was. Our chiropractor did. He tested us for inflammation. We all had extreme cellular inflammation. We found mold in our house and remediated correctly.

Meanwhile, we didn’t know anyone to teach us how to detox mold or metals. I changed jobs and went back to school to learn how to heal my family. It was a significant financial investment. Investment also of our persistence and effort. Huge lifestyle changes. My husband, Dwayne was unemployed. We all had to detox mold. We somehow found money for nutritional supplements for all five of us. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. My step-father and Dwayne’s father had Parkinson’s. The enormous cost financially and emotionally motivated us to make sure that was not to be our fate. Dwayne and I had metal amalgam fillings in our teeth. We knew we had to remove them. Health was a priority. So, we cashed in our retirement savings to get the fillings removed. Diet is a foundation of health. And yet, optimal health requires a multi-therapeutic approach.

Healing definitely was not easy. There was no one magic pill or process. What we value most usually requires our greatest sacrifice. We had five different supplement routines. Three different lunches to pack for school using organic non toxic foods. Huge food and grocery shopping changes. Hard for all of us!!! We changed diets. We made environmental changes to our home to remove toxins. Every year the kids were in a different classroom. They were hyper sensitive to cleaning chemicals and colognes. There was often mold in the classrooms. I had to obtain the skill of learning each child’s first toxic symptom so that I would know how to change their protocol to help each child survive each new year. A different cough. An emotional outbreak. Extreme fatigue. It was a challenge, but we made it work. Additionally, we woke up at night every other week for years to take the metal detox supplements.Thankfully, that’s not part of the protocol any longer!

When our kids moved out of our home, we invested extreme effort to find apartments so they could cook healthfully. Even when we had to get special permission from the colleges. We analyzed new residences. We supplied each child’s home with products to neutralize EMF exposure. As young adults, my kids have taken ownership of their own healthy lifestyle. They eat differently. Clean differently. Fast. Exercise. Commit to dental health.

While our effort was enormous, we are so grateful God brought us to this path. We all have recovered. We know what it was like to be an unhealthy family. We now know what it is like to be vibrant and healthy family. As a family, we choose to prioritize healthy living. We take the time, spend the money and make the decisions it takes to do this. When we travel, we have a whole suitcase full of personal care and food products. We ensure that we choose places to stay where we can open windows. We request cleaning ahead with toxin free cleaners. We try to stay away from hotels, condos that we feel might have a greater chance of mold. We also travel to where we can enjoy the outdoors as part of our vacation. Detox takes a decade. To stay healthy is a lifestyle.