Cleaning from the Outside In

We all have to clean house periodically and it is not always fun but it’s important. Also, its not just about cleaning behind furniture and those hard to reach places! Cleaning house is also a chance to detoxify your body, from the outside IN.

What do I mean by outside in? Many environmental toxins are right under our noses…in our medicine cabinets, garages, products we use everyday…soaps and lotions, air fresheners, even shampoo!

A great place to start spring cleaning is by looking around at the products we come in touch with every day. I use this website if I need to check products of all kinds…from make-up to household cleaners to mattresses.

I also love to make my own cleaning products and you can find our recipes at the link below:

We must educate ourselves and then take the steps to lessen our toxic exposure. It takes time, but that’s why Health for a Purpose is here to help.

Consider joining our private Facebook group, Forever Young, where I give daily tips and ideas on how to lessen your toxic exposure and bring your body back into wellness, because eliminating toxins from our everyday lives begins the healing process! Click here to join:

So, let’s think of cleaning house as detoxifying our bodies from the outside in! See you online or at one of our upcoming events!

Tammy Stewart

Tammy Stewart, Founder and President of Health for a Purpose, is a Certified Cellular Detoxification Specialist, Certified Health Coach. foundational belief is that God created the body to HEAL when the interference is removed. She designs a custom coaching protocol for clients to put them on a journey of health and wellness.