Forever Young

Do you know most Americans spend YEARS in a nursing home?  What would you rather do instead of that?  I want to be full of energy when I’m older so I can participate in my grandkids’ and great-grandkids’ lives!!  What do you want?  Travel?  Hobby? 

America is the sickest country in the world, but YOU CAN CHOOSE A DIFFERENT PATH!!  You have the power to CHOOSE!  We are here to take that journey with you.

I show you simple, manageable tips that you can implement, one step at a time, in our private Facebook group  Join the group now!  

Join us to be Forever Young! 

Tammy Stewart

Tammy Stewart, Founder and President of Health for a Purpose, is a Certified Cellular Detoxification Specialist, Certified Health Coach. foundational belief is that God created the body to HEAL when the interference is removed. She designs a custom coaching protocol for clients to put them on a journey of health and wellness.
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