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Greens supplement

Many of you have asked me about a greens supplement.  Designs for Health has 2 – one is “more green,” the other is less green and has more variety, including some fruits, and is a little less expensive.  First – I’ll stress that a greens supplement is probably a good thing for everyone because most…

Vitamin D

Do you know who manufactures the BEST source of vitamin D?  GOD does!  Just go outside between 10 and 2 for about 20 minutes with no sunscreen and at least half of your skin exposed!  For more info and research about Vitamin D, check out Dr. Mercola’s Website, and the Vitamin D Council.   You’ll learn…


The cultures in yogurt are very healthy and it’s a good source of animal protein.  The best yogurt would be from raw milk (which is not available commercially in Texas), whole-fat, organic, plain (no sugar added).  If you shop at a local grocery store, you can’t get raw yogurt.   Many people prefer Greek yogurt because…


Are you on the advanced diet and missing the rice or pasta to put under your meat sauce or stir fry?  Try very lightly steamed or sautéed chopped cauliflower.  Cauliflower is a huge nutritional powerhouse!