The Dangers of Sunblock

By now, we all know the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun but did you know there are health dangers associated with using sun-block?

This leaves many of us confused about what to do! How do we know where to draw the line between potential damage from the sun vs. potential damage from using sun-block?!

Well, fortunately we don’t have to worry about that now, thanks to this great article about how to make your own natural sun-block easily at home. It’s from the website

Now, if you have sun-block or sunscreen at home, take a look at the ingredient list and make sure it does not contain retinyl palmitate, also called retinol or vitamin A because not only does that increase your risk of extreme sunburn, it also has a potential link to cancer risks as well.

The other ingredient to avoid is oxybenzone which is a synthetic estrogen that penetrates the skin and can disrupt your hormone system!

Finally, as this article points out, you want to watch out for Nano or micronized zinc oxide, which has been added to sunscreen so it will soak into your skin instead of staying on the surface, again disrupting your body’s natural systems with more chemicals and toxins!

Check it out, it’s a great article and the sun-screen is easy to make.

And don’t forget to drink a lot of water because being out in the sun also dehydrates you which can  damage your organs.

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Tammy Stewart

Tammy Stewart, Founder and President of Health for a Purpose, is a Certified Cellular Detoxification Specialist, Certified Health Coach. foundational belief is that God created the body to HEAL when the interference is removed. She designs a custom coaching protocol for clients to put them on a journey of health and wellness.