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Events, Worksops & Seminars

Welcome to the Health for a Purpose wellness and bio-nutritional solutions events page. We applaud you for taking positive steps to educate yourself about a health challenge that is affecting you and your family! Including weight loss resistance.

Our live events will resume in January of 2020, but watch one online now.

If you're ready to make an effective change to improve your health with natural solutions, then contact us and request a consultation or appointment. 817-488-7488 or email us at [email protected]

You have power over your health when you make educated decisions based on high level science-based truth and knowledge. Our desire at our events is to educate you on both the truth and science regarding your health challenges such as Diabetes, Weight Loss, Thyroid Dysfunction, Autoimmune Disorder, Heart Disease, Healthy Aging and other health challenges or unexplainable symptoms you may be facing. Check the calendar to find out next event.

It is also our desire to reveal to you supporting information that will assist you in health restoration and finding the answers you have been searching for regarding a specific health challenge or symptom. We are committed in these events to assisting you toward transforming your health with our programs.

Knowledge is powerful only when you apply it.  We are very selective about who we decide to coach, and only accept health participants who are committed to the lifestyle changes and recommended protocols needed for health and healing.

You can contact us about an upcoming event at (817) 488-7488.

Autumn and Thanksgiving RecipesUse ingredients that are good AND good for you

With cooler temperatures and Thanksgiving approaching, you'll want to download our Autumn and Thanksgiving recipes that use ingredients that are good AND good for you! From soups and entrees to desserts, we've got your seasonal cook book right here!