XOCAI Chocolate

XOCAI Chocolate

Cacao – Nature’s supreme antioxidant source..It sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? HEALTHY CHOCOLATE.

Cacao contains at least 45 distinct nutrients and health-promoting compounds.

Read all about it here – make an educated decision – try it for yourself. I would be thrilled to meet you somewhere sometime and let you sample some. Email [email protected] Or – just place an order to try it. Just put a chocolate square in your mouth and let it melt – WOW. I’ll buy it back from you if you don’t like it (products in the chocolate category only – not the other products). (In our opinion, the XoBiotic squares have the least assertive/dark flavor. Choose that one if you prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate.)

A summary of the benefits of this SUPPLEMENT (it’s a functional food, NOT candy), and the things that make it DIFFERENT from anything else:

  • Cold processed (raw foods contain all the healthy enzymes AND the fat is not damaged by heat)
  • Not alkalized or dutched (that would damage the nutrients)
  • Higher ORAC rating (rates the anti-oxidant value) than anything else. One serving is the equivalent of 1/4 a pound of blueberries
  • Anti-inflammatory; reduces free-radical damage (one square is like taking 4 acetaminophen), no unhealthy ingredients (in the chocolate squares)

There is a tiny bit of sugar in each square. If you’ve ever eaten a plain cacao bean, you know how bitter it is – no one wants to eat that, but – the sugar is raw cane sugar. This product IS acceptable for EVERYONE, even diabetics. It will not spike your blood sugar.

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Benefits of Healthy Chocolate


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This chocolate CAN BE part of a healthy lifestyle.  However – remember – it is ONE PART.  It is essential to remove the SOURCE of any health problems you might have.  Addressing a symptom is not the complete solution.  For example, if you have free radical damage, one question you must ask yourself is – what is the SOURCE? Contact us for more details [email protected]