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 There are 3 ways to get ASEA.  You may purchase at retail, or you can get a discount with a preferred customer membership (like a Sam’s membership) OR….the best price is as an associate/distributor.

You’ll pay a little for the associate account, but you’ll make that up quickly with the lower shipping price on each order.  AND….you can get your 4th order free. To start an associate account, select “join” on the home page, not “order.”  As an associate, when you enroll in autoship, after your 3rd consecutive autoship, you EARN ONE BOX FREE!  THAT is the BEST value!!  Email [email protected] for more details or if you have questions.

ASEA is redox signaling molecules, which are necessary for every cell to function.  Without them, you would die in seconds.  As we age, the body makes fewer redox signaling molecules.

To see results of RENU28 (ASEA gel), click here.

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