Camano Island Coffee

Camano Island Coffee

Healthy coffee…..does it sound like a contradiction in terms?  It IS possible.

You can even improve your memory with good coffee.

Commercial coffees are very unhealthy.  Not because of the caffeine, but because coffee crops are sprayed with a lot of chemicals and pesticides.  And coffee is very absorbant.  So it becomes a VERY toxic product.  Then it is processed with heat so the fats in the coffee bean are damaged.  Then it is packaged and shipped and sits on the shelf, causing the fats to be damaged more and more.  THAT coffee is very unhealthy.

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Of course, drink coffee in moderation.  1-2 cups per day is healthy.  Drinking coffee all day is a bad choice, no matter what kind of coffee you drink.

Healthy fats is one of the most severely lacking ingredient in the SAD (standard American diet).  Add lots of good fats to your coffee:

  • raw coconut oil
  • grass-fed butter
  • cream – preferably raw, but if you can’t get that, buy organic.  Whole Foods has some low-heat pasteurized creams.

Then use a stick blender or immersion blender to mix the fats, so they don’t sit on top of the coffee.

You can also add HEALTHY flavors:

  • cocoa butter – be sure to get a good brand
  • vanilla (you can make your own)
  • almond extract
  • or add some essential oils – use  food-quality – peppermint or wild orange or cinnamon are my favorites

Our favorite stevia is SweetLeaf “whole leaf” because it’s less processed.  It’s hard to find in local stores, but you can get it on Amazon.  We find it to be much less bitter.

You can also make a GREAT coffee smoothie.  Get protein powder from us, to be sure you get a healthy product.  Add coffee, raw milk or coconut milk, protein powder, flavors listed above, maybe some seeds, like hemp or chia or flax.  We also keep healthy greens powders in our inventory – a smoothie is a great place to hide some greens.