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Cultures For Health

Cultures For Health

Did you know the bacteria in and on your body typically weighs about 4 lbs? Those bacteria can communicate directly with one another, affecting your body functions.

80% of your immune system is in the GUT. Inflammation in the gut leads to inflammation in the brain, so you want to have a HEALTHY GUT!!

One tool you can use to keep your gut healthy is to balance the good and bad bacteria.  A healthy gut has about 85% good and 15% bad bacteria.  The “bad” bacteria DO serve several useful purposes.  The key is balance.

Click Here to learn how to make your own cultured and fermented foods to increase the GOOD BACTERIA in your body.

Autumn and Thanksgiving RecipesUse ingredients that are good AND good for you

With cooler temperatures and Thanksgiving approaching, you'll want to download our Autumn and Thanksgiving recipes that use ingredients that are good AND good for you! From soups and entrees to desserts, we've got your seasonal cook book right here!