Green PolkaDot Box

Green PolkaDot Box

Choosing a health lifestyle (including nourishing food) appears to be more expensive. That appearance is definitely deceiving!! A $1 hamburger might cost less money today than making your own from grass-fed beef, but the cheap food produces disease in your body which will be very costly in the long run, in terms of price as well as lifestyle. Optimal health TRULY is priceless! One thing we invest a lot of time in at Health for a Purpose is helping you to maximize your investment in your healthy lifestyle. We are constantly searching for the best products at the best prices and communicating that information to you. The Green PolkaDot Box is our newest discovery.

You can save up to 60% on organic and natural foods.

GPDB opened in 2012 and we order from them every month. If you know Tammy well, you know what she did. Started a spreadsheet 🙂 comparing the PRICES for several products at various stores. GPDB consistently offers the lowest price on identical or comparable products. We’re not talking pennies here – usually the savings is $1 or $3 or more!! One day a jar of raw almond butter was about $4 lower.

CONVENIENCE is the other reason to shop at GPDB. Many of our readers don’t live near a health food store. GDPB is the place for you! (I’m hearing the song, “Green Acres is the place to be . . .” in my mind.) Even if you DO live near a health food store, GPDB is still THE PLACE, because you can SAVE TIME shopping from your seat instead of from your feet. And you can avoid the temptations prevalent in the brick and mortar store. (Although, I must admit, there are temptations shopping online, also.)

Another benefit of shopping online: I can read the ingredients on my screen much easier than trying to read the fine print on the actual product, and I’ve saved $1-4 on every single product!! Shipping is FREE for every $150 order, so I submit an order every time my shopping cart has $150 in it. But if my cart isn’t that full and I need something soon, I wouldn’t mind that shipping fee because I save time and gas money. If you have questions about products (which laundry soap has fewer toxins – what skin care products or hair care products do I use and why), just email [email protected]