Have you heard of EMFs? Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, most commonly known as radiation and associated with the use of mobile phones, computers, tablets and man-made lighting.

Cells in your body can react to EMFs as a harmful invader, just like they do to other environmental toxins and interfere with our body functions, just like very loud music interferes with conversation. We can’t avoid it! We enjoy the benefits of it. We must protect ourselves from the consequences while we enjoy the privileges.That’s why I personally own all of these devices.

Hedron Life Source has been actively engaged for the last 15 years in Wellness Education. The activities of Hedron Life Source include, Innovating research based Unique Wellness Products and identifying Life Saving and Life Extending Products with an intention to help the humanity as a whole. Hedron Life Source, strongly believes in offering HOLISTIC SOLUTIONS to Human Problems and Sufferings.

Founders Dr. Ida Allen, DC and Dr. Jerod Bergman, DC have been working with patients and educating the public on eliminating the Root Cause of the Problems associated with human sufferings and not the Symptoms alone.

Hedron Life Source’s extensive Research on EMF and Mobile Phone Radiation has brought to the World, The Hedron EMF Shield, a Patented Mobile Phone Radiation and Heat Harmonizer. The Hedron EMF Shield is backed up with credible certificates and testimonials of the user’s worldwide.

Hedron Life Source sincerely thanks all positive minded people around the World for their association with us and assures them that we will continue to work on releasing more products that enhance the human potential on every level.To know, visit the Hedron link below…

Patented EMF Protection For Body, Home, and all Electronic Devices