Think about your typical 24-hour day.  You spend time at work, and at home, and in bed.  Your mattress is the one thing you spend the most time close to.  You might spend as much time at the office, but you move around, and you wear different clothes, and go from room to room.   Choosing a SAFE mattress can have a BIG impact on your health!  Commercial mattresses are full of toxic flame retardants that damage your thyroid.

You do have a choice.

We’ve analyzed a few different organic mattress companies, and the one we recommend is intelliBED.  It is comfortable,  non-toxic, comfortable, affordable, comfortable …….. did we mention – it’s really comfy.

How well do you sleep?
Do you toss and turn?
Do you ever wake with stiffness, soreness, or pain?

At intelliBED, you can get a 60-day in-home trial period, and 12-month no-interest financing.  That means THERE’S NO RISK.  It’s much wiser to sleep on a mattress to try it, instead of laying on it 2 minutes in a showroom.

AND YOU CAN GET A DISCOUNT.  Tell them we sent you and you can get 10% off.  Your “discount code” is Health for a Purpose.

Visit IntelliBed to schedule a consult with a sleep specialist and find out WHAT’S DIFFERENT about intelliBED.

I sleep on an intelliBED, and you should, too.  If you buy one be sure to use my Discount Referral Code, “Health for a Purpose.”  That code saves you ten percent.