What Is photobiomodulation and Red Light Therapy?

In layman’s terms, photobiomodulation – or light therapy –  is the study of specific wavelengths of light and their biochemical effects on human cells.  It’s an entire sub-specialty of medicine, has been around since the mid-1900’s, and is supported by thousands of published clinical studies.  In fact, they have Dr. Michael Hamblin, arguably one of the world’s leading photobiomodulation researchers, on their scientific advisory board.
Red light therapy has been credited with treating acne, scars and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). But the futuristic treatment is more than a beauty regimen or mood booster; it can also help speed up muscle recovery and enhance athletic performance.

Red light therapy has several other clinically proven abilities, including the following:

– Repairing sun damage
– Diminishing wrinkles, scars and stretch marks
– Healing acne
– Repairing and rebuilding muscle
– Enhancing performance
– Fast-tracking wound healing
– Reducing inflammation

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