Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas


Use recipes specifically for our eating plan – ask for the recipe if you can’t find it, email [email protected]

Yogurt (whole fat, plain, organic), may add protein powder, breakfast trail mix, berries

Eggs – fried or scrambled in coconut oil or butter, poached, boiled – with veggies, roasted veggies, avocado, green beans

Eggs with grass-fed beef bacon, no nitrates no nitrites or with chicken sausage – grapefruit

Eggs with salmon – sautéed greens

Coconut or almond pancakes

Almond muffins (recipes online, use an acceptable sweetener) with berries

Whey shake with coconut milk, chia and flax and hemp seeds, coconut, cocoa or berries or nut butter

Almond power bars

Pumpkin muffins

Apple muffins

Grilled or broiled fish with veggies


Some stores carry granola made with acceptable fats; avoid those made with transfats.

Make your own granola

With your eggs, have a piece of toast made with butter and whole-grain sprouted grain bread

Muffins, pancakes, other breads, made with whole grains and acceptable sweeteners

(Beware –minimize grains –  limit to one or sometimes a few servings in a day)

Yogurt with a variety of fruits

Whole grain cereals (without bad fats) with coconut milk and fruit