For Traveling

When I travel I like to take my food with me.
It keeps me healthy and saves me money.


When I'm on a short trip, I pack a small, collapsible cooler.  I find a box that fits inside it to give it more structure so the food doesn't get squished, then I can throw away the box.  On the way home I can fold up the cooler and put it in my luggage.  Even if I have to pay to check the bag, it's cheaper than eating out.  I freeze some water bottles to keep the food cold, then I can thaw those and drink that water instead of paying the very high price for bottled water in the hotel.  Or I use frozen gel packs that I can throw away on the trip.  I freeze the food as much as possible, also, to keep the cooler cold.  When I get to the hotel, I get ice to keep the food cold.  Here are some of my menus:

whey shake: I take Designs for Health whey protein powder in a little container, mixed with some hemp, chia, and/or ground flaxseeds.  Sometimes I add cocoa and greens, too.  I freeze some milk in a plastic container.  DFH whey is the best, because it mixes best without a special shaker jar.  If I don't have raw milk, I'll get the box of coconut cream at Central Market and put part of it in a plastic container.  That's harder to work with, because it's so firm, it needs to be mixed with warm water.  But it's so concentrated, I can take a very small container, so it can be checked on the airplane if necessary.

yogurt (frozen), berries sliced in a ziplock bag, breakfast nut mix (from our Recipes pages)  frozen in a ziplock bag or ziplock container
boiled eggs - be sure to keep them cold, pack them beside the ice - fruit
frozen (almond flour) muffins - fruit
remember to pack spoons and forks and napkins and plates!!


  • a big container of lettuce - this is the only time I buy it in the plastic box thingy - it keeps it safe while  - I can get many many meals from one box.

I top the lettuce with any of the following:

  • frozen hamburger patty (if the patty is still frozen when you're ready to eat, put it in a sink full of  hot water and it will thaw very quickly)
  • a pickle in a ziplock (Bubbies brand is lactofermented so it has healthy probiotics in it; it's a very healthy pickle)
  • a small bag/container of ketchup, mustard, grapeseed oil vegenaise
  • frozen grated cheese - cherry tomatoes in a ziplock container
  •  baked salmon, frozen
  • at World Market they have lots of tiny containers of condiments and things.  I like the olives, sundried tomatoes, roasted eggplant, artichoke.  I put that on a salad with or without salmon.  If I'm travelling alone, those will feed me more than once, so I pack an empty ziplock container to put them in after I open them.  I do put them in the frig a day before I leave so they will be cold when I put them in the cooler.
  • taco meat
  •  fajita meat
  • a bag of mixed fresh raw veggies with a ziplock container of homemade ranch dressing (from our Recipes page)

See our snack list under our Eating Plans page.  I get little packets of almond butter at the healthfood store and eat them with celery sticks or an apple.

When I'm on a longer trip or traveling with more people, I pack a "5-day" cooler.  I have successfully used luggage straps or duct tape to be sure it stays closed.   Bake your meats ahead of time and freeze them in ziplock bags or ziplock containers.  You can take bags of frozen fruits and veggies.  I've traveled all the way to Mexico with a cooler even in the summer and my frozen meats have always still been frozen when we arrived.  Sometimes I use a luggage instead of a cooler.  I pack some frozen gel packs all around, and make sure the food is frozen and pack that luggage at the last minute.  Then I pack a separate luggage for the non-perishable foods.  Spaghetti is a great meal to pack.  Make the spaghetti meat sauce and freeze it and pack the dry pasta in another luggage.  Or cook the pasta and add it to the meat and freeze the whole thing.  I've done it both ways.  I have a little portable electric burner that I take with me for longer trips if I'm in a hotel instead of a condo (you can get them at CVS or Walgreens or Academy) and I pack a skillet.  Remember to take spoons and other baking tools you might need.  Like a can opener.

And - just in case you thought I was perfect (I'm not . . . . ), when I'm on vacation, I'm tempted to splurge on desserts and snacks and things that I would not typically eat.  You can either do that (after all, it IS a vacation, and you need good mental health!) - or - anticipate what kind of things you might want and prepare yourself with a less-bad or even a really good substitute.  Instead of getting a Grandma's brownie when you stop to buy gas on a trip, make some healing diet brownies.  Instead of hershey's chocolate, get some from Beyond Organic.  Instead of Chex mix, pack some mixed nuts and Mary's crackers or satisfy that desire for crunch with celery stick and valencia peanut butter.  If I haven't listed your traveling weakness, email me and I'll brainstorm better substitutes for you.

I hope these ideas help you stay on the eating plan!  Let me know if you have other ideas to share or if you have questions.  [email protected]