Exercise Programs

Fat-burning, Muscle-Building machine and more Balanced Hormones

Our exercise program is high intensity interval training which will make your body a fat-burning muscle-building machine with more balanced Hormones. The exercise programs we teach can be done in your home or back yard with minimal or no equipment in 10-15 minutes per day three days a week.  Sound too good to be true?  You'll have to come see for yourself.

High intensity strength training can increase resting metabolic rate and make your muscles more metabolically active.  It's more about what happens in your body after you workout and less about what happens in your body during exercise. Work smarter, not harder.

Learn the newest science about strength training.  

Debunking aerobic fat-burning zone myth.

The Metabolic Effect Diet

A fun book to read on this subject is The New Me (metabolic effect) Diet by Jade Teta and Keoni Teta.

Book Summary
To do high-intensity short-interval training:

  • 20-60-second burst at 80-90% effort - as if you were chased by a tiger (go till you can't go any more)
  • rest 20 seconds - 2 minutes (rest till you can go again)
  • repeat 6-8 times (depending on how long each burst is)
  • "go till you can't, then rest till you can"

There are many different activities you can do as a burst. To start with, the simplest is to run in place. Or you can do some jumps or squats. Contact [email protected] if you want a more detailed list.