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Health Websites & Information

These are some links to other health websites and companies we buy from or information we frequently refer to.  Please refer to our "Shop" page to purchase products from companies we are affiliated with because we have found their products to be the best quality at the best price.  We appreciate your doing business with us on our shopping pages, because it allows us to provide lots of "free" services to you.

Chemical Pollutants in Your Home  - Article with information from several reliable sources.

Culley Enviro - Mold detection

Toxic Top 10 - Learn about the most toxic, most commonly used products in your home

Erbaviva– Deodorant with no toxic ingredients, which is hard to find, also other personal care products

Common Sense Farm – Personal care products, where we buy deodorant

Your local farmers market is a great place to get to know a farmer and find a good source for meats.  In my area, I go to the Grapevine Farmers Market and get meat from Hudspeth Farm or to the Coppell Farmers Market and get meat from Rehoboth Ranch.  They are very comparable - both are excellent!!!

Farm to Fork Foods - Natural food co-op in Arlington, TX.  Great source of quality meats and other things.

Gaiam – Organic clothing, bed, bath and home products

EMF Protection
We are bombarded with artificial energy waves from technology and electricity.  This is not natural and it interferes with the body's function. It's like static on a radio station - or noise at a party so you can't hear the person beside you.
EMF Protection resources for information and protection:

Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation  - A great little book to by Bruce Fife.

LifeKind – Organic mattresses and bedding.

Amazon - Many organic products are available at Amazon.

Clean House, Clean Planet - A great book by Karen Logan, showing her readers how they can make effective cleaning products while following an affordable budget.

SpaRitual - Non-toxic nail polish - Google to find a store near you, or order it online

Karma Naturals: makeup, skin care.  A friend recommended their nail polish remover, available at Whole Foods.

Honeyville Grain - Make your own Almond Flour by grounding raw almonds in a blender or food processor.  Baked goods using this flour rise higher than with homemade or other brands of almond flour.

It is ESSENTIAL to ONLY see a dentist who is holistic and/or biological.  Even if you are only getting a cleaning and aren't having mercury fillings removed, if you are in a typical dental office it is full of toxic mercury vapor.  Check out for a list near you.  We use Pride Dental in Arlington 817.461.9998

Some of our clients recommend:
Shine Pediatrics, Dr Randy Naidoo (469) 333-1543
Health Kids Pediatrics, Deborah Bain, M.D.,
Email [email protected] if you want to know why we recommend them. 

These are some of the websites where I look for recipes and tips.  BUT beware - some of these people use different eating plans for different purposes.  You will have to APPLY the knowledge you have!! (great burst training!!!!  But you'll have to adapt it to our method: 6-8 cycles each 20-seconds on 20+-seconds off but beware - alot of her posted recipes require mixes that she sells - but her information is good!!

What I use: (many recipes are listed in our recipes page)

to clean inside the toilet - put a few tablespoons of vinegar in it and scrub with the toilet brush

to clean outside the toilet, the bathroom countertop, and spots on the carpet - I mix about 1 cup vinegar with 4 cups of water in a spray bottle.  Sometimes to clean the carpet I'll sprinkle some baking soda first, then the vinegar makes it fizz and lift the dirt/stain out.  We spilled a glass of blueberry whey shake once and it came completely out of our beige carpet using soda and vinegar, after picking out  A L L the little blueberries:(

to clean the tub and shower - I spray with the vinegar/water spray listed above, then sprinkle baking soda on the wet tub and scrub with a rag.  Sometimes I put a drop of  essential oils in it to make it smell good, especially one of the citrus oils OR - look on our recipes page for "soft scrub."  That's easier to use than sprinkling baking soda.

to clean stainless steel pans - make a paste with baking soda and water and let it set a few minutes

in my mop water - a squirt of dishwashing liquid and/or a few tablespoons of vinegar in my mop bucket

as air freshener - a few drops of  essential oils in a spray bottle of water, may add some vodka and baking soda

to clean furniture - I usually dust with a microfiber towel; if I need to really polish, condition, or clean the wood, I put a drop of lemon and/or cinnamon  oil in some olive oil

for sunscreen, my current bottle is from

for perfume, I use a dab of essential oils - they are nourishing and completely non-toxic

makeup: foundation and blush and eye shadows: Afterglow, from our shopping page
mascara and lipstick and eyeliners and eyebrow pencil: ZuZu from the healthfood store

To clean around the house - stains, goo, etc - keep a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and another of plain white vinegar.  Spray both, let it soak, clean.  It's best not to mix the two together in the same spray bottle.

I don't use hairspray, but I've been told these are good:
Feed Your Hold by Yarok
Onestra hair spray