Changing your eating habits is like eating an elephant.  Do you know how to eat an elephant?  One bite at a time:)  Learning what to eat is first.  our favorite tool for that is a Health and Weight Optimization Guide, which you can order from us.  Email [email protected]  The next step is to start substituting healthy options for the less healthy foods you've been eating.  When you walk into the grocery store and see the countless bottles of oils, you might scream, "HELP ME!"  And we are here to help!  Tammy does a few different styles of Grocery Shopping Classes, and we can design one specifically for you.  During a  group class you'll get a 2-day menu with the accompanying recipes and shopping list, and we'll all just go shopping together.  Grocery shopping is one of Tammy's favorite things to do, so it'll be a great trip together.  Or you might choose a personal Grocery Shopping Class, where you are the only student and we just go shopping with your family's grocery list and choose the best options.  How much did you spend the last time your family went OUT for dinner?  Invest that money in learning to eat IN.    Eating out is expensive (and rarely healthy); eating in with your family is priceless.  Your health is priceless.  Contact [email protected] to join a Class.