Aug 27


Scientists are beginning to question cholesterol and statin guidelines.  Statin drugs have many side effects which are associated with damage to the heart.  An abundance of evidence clearly links inflammation to heart disease!!  The primary cause of inflammation are sugars/grains, bad fats and toxins.  Rather than using a drug with side effects, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on lifestyle changes to truly change the SOURCE of the problem?

Aug 24


Probiotics are best taken with food because when your stomach is empty the acid is lower, which degrades the probiotics.  The BEST probiotics are cultured or fermented FOODS.  But a good supplement is 2nd best.

Aug 20


Chemicals commonly found in sunscreen may interfere with male fertility, according to a new preliminary study by the National Institutes of Health. 

Aug 17

glucose and exercise

Type 2 diabetic patients who participate in resistance exercise AFER eating improve both their glucose and triglyceride levels whereas exercising BEFORE eating only improves glucose concentrations. 

Aug 13

Alzheimer’s increasing

The number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease may nearly triple, from 5 million to as many as 16 million by the year 2050.  My grandmother had Alzheimer’s.  I will do everything possible to avoid experiencing that…for myself and my family!  Every penny and every ounce of effort I invest in my health and detoxifying toxic metals IS WORTH IT, because I AM WORTH IT and my family is worth it. 

Aug 11

feel it in your gut?

The gut contains as many neurons as the spinal cord.  Gut activities can modulate emotions, desires, and mood.  Healthy gut bacteria is essential for the normal development of the GI and immune systems.  So…next time you’re in a bad mood, eat some raw sauerkraut to add good bacteria to your gut!

Aug 10

gut and brain

Animal studies are shedding new light on how the gut microbiota influences brain function.  For example, mice with gut dysbiosis don’t handle stress well.  So – if you’re getting stressed easily, maybe you need to balance your gut bacteria.  

May 31

EMF protection

We are bombarded with artificial energy waves from technology and electricity!!!!  This is NOT natural and it interferes with the body’s function.  It’s like static on a radio station – or noise at a party so you can’t hear the person beside you.  Here are some resources for information and protection: – great products for your computer and cell phone
A great little book to read is Health Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation by Bruce Fife.

May 06

save $ at our grocery store

Have you shopped at Green PolkaDot Box yet?  TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER FROZEN FOODS FOR OUR AREA!!  This summer we can’t get frozen foods in TX from GPDB.  This is our grocery store – the one we offer to you and the one we shop at ourselves.  The prices are less than anything we’ve found locally.  Plus – it’s so convenient not to have to DRIVE to the store!!  I just put things in my shopping cart when I otherwise would have put them on my shopping list.  Then the cart is ready whenever I choose to check out.  Try it today – I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!  I stocked up on salmon and frozen fruits today.

Apr 21


DId you know……at birth our ratio of magnesium to calcium is 95% mag 5% cal.  By age 70 it is 5% mag 95% cal.  That can cause WRINKLES!!!!, calcified arteries, and when there’s not enough magnesium it can’t carry the calcium IN to the bones and teeth.  Just supplementing with calcium is not appropriate.

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